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The Beijing Jiangxi Grand Hotel (Beijing Jiangxi Dajiudian) is located just a ten-minute walk from Metro Line 5.The hotel is also close to Tiantan Park and the Panjiayuan Market,  known affectionately as the "Dirt Market, " thanks to its origin as an unofficial flea market with makeshift stalls set up on dusty grounds.This Beijing hotel houses various comfortable rooms outfitted with broadband internet access.

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住客评论 1279条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • e00249507
    Well, if you can access door on the South side would be better
  • davidleilong
    As a four star hotel, only very general.
  • bleesing
    Needs to be improved!
  • e00053781
    Well, at this store.
  • mini_81
    Very good service, more hygienic, reasonable price
  • clinton
    Liu Jia Yao from Line 5 line station near the hotel, transportation was convenient. room was large, very clean, environment is quiet and security is also very good, is the equipment in the room a bit dated, particularly air conditioning, cannot be heated and open the 'box drama box lang',
  • citygreens
    All right!
  • autobots
    Older hotel, surrounded by quiet, cost-effective
  • flyblood
    Nice hotel
  • bding
    That's good
  • blueice8511
    Hotel clean, bed linen, towels are new and breakfast is not very good, bad taxi
  • belling
    Hotel services, aging rooms, smell the air, hotel management, lack of international management concept, Hall atmosphere of bleak, desolate! is a three-star level,
  • andrewyen888
    Good hotel for one night stay!
  • cecilia1979
    That's no problem
  • eysen123
    Convenient, elegant, charming, and convenient parking.
  • lifance
    Rooms are clean, convenient, nice
  • cliston
  • Star027
    It wasn't too bad
  • fgy623820
    Location relative somewhat partial, around environment in neighborhoods in, distance trunk road and the Metro Line 5 line probably more than 1000 more meters, except location slightly poor outside, hotel also is has must grade of, just facilities somewhat old, prices clean health, and very big, toilet also very big, not consider location words, should is price quite high of, from morning dining of number view staying rate also is high.
  • bambooworld
    Hotel make in the take static, around are is community homes, environment slightly poor but quiet, night listening to not to any noise, sleep quality is high. self breakfast 50, if containing in room in the also good, eat full didn't problem, is varieties less has some, not containing room in the didn't necessary to eat, not pays. room facilities full, but decoration some old. basic facilities are complete. daily are will clean. service also is intimate. Hotel foreigners special more, feel than domestic visitors more. anyway, also is good of selectOver here.
  • Fiona17
    Infrastructure was relatively tolerable. Hotel has its own private courtyard, quiet. rooms are more spacious, hot water is sufficient, but decoration is relatively old, especially the carpets were dirty and not barefoot in the room. Service was on the need to strengthen management. is generally typical of the local bureaucracy, all the black officers were standing behind the waiter dangling, do not work, but ordinary waiter problem but no solutionSummary. this with other international chain brand of work style completely instead. front desk service for people has good has bad, because elevator need card, only to himself staying floors, so hope later staying of room can arrangements to with, began of service personnel a rebuffed said fundamental no approach, and next day other of service personnel is is enthusiasm to to arrangements good has. and line does of guy of service on very seriously carefully, is worth praised! Most criticism of lobbies Western foodOffice, breakfast Shi led bit of Miss a face of tired and not happy, important of she is fundamental useless of device, due to elderly legs inconvenience, hope daily dining Shi can to ahead of reserved seat, began answered said people more can't, but was in distance take meal most convenient of quiet location Shang pendulum with scheduled seats, a asked said is to led of! heart very upset, on with guest strongly sat down, Miss was to withdrawal off pendulum good of tableware, was is incredible. with black clothing foreman reflect situation, hopeNext day can assist reserved seat, began is hippies to interrupted, results still answered said is impossible! very serious to proposed views and requirements next day reserved seat, barely promised, can next day according to agreed time to has, still is no seat empty out, and that most convenient of seat also is for led reserved with. this deliberately no preemption, see what is which party big, results is disappointed to see seems to just a place Xiao Guan with rural women sample of Lady and thugs sample of DivisionMachine, restaurant work is busy, repeatedly asked before and after the requirements and sending food to the table, find it very puzzling; since there is a waiter to help give the rice a why to select the most convenient seat? can't help but leave with the camera recording. The typical country style of officialdom, it is too vulgar, too disappointing.
  • jcgang
    On the third ring road, the entrance is too small to find, hotel is not very new, clean and overall good, recommended
  • e00954373
    Very good, environment, service is also very good
  • Amanda_wang
    438 breakfast OK
  • rinagao
    Nice, self-driving tour to Beijing, parking was convenient, Zambia
  • yangyang5692
    Hotel is well located, close to the Metro, the transportation is very convenient. around eating, shopping is very convenient ... hotel facilities, rooms are clean and new equipment, warm service. hotel accommodation with free parking and security do a good job. it is worth staying at!
  • laygril
    Overall good hotel, after the main building there is a green, night walk was very good!
  • datouwa
    Prices are relatively modest, four-star single room 518, good cost performance.
  • lsvera
    Nice, convenient, value the benefits!
  • roger_1201
    Good, in the courtyard, very quiet ...
  • caryjue
    Very good
  • luserf
  • lele95588
    Room full of big, old General facilities can also
  • briantsang
    All right
  • Mapleleaflove
    The surrounding area is not ideal, clutter. Interior health is good! also quiet. Chinese and Western breakfast. In particular, room quality is very good, staff was kind, right at home!
  • ainenine5524
    Newly renovated hotel, breakfast, room clean, convenient!
    Rest, rest, rest!
  • wangfang74
    This year I was going to live a few times, Jiangxi hotel. reviews of I am tired. so it is a good choice.
  • datangvip
    Very good
  • e00077965
    Which is very nice
  • LLYY10
    Good deeds and good deeds
  • jjy551
    Hotel facilities too wine waiter dead wood in the lobby, no smile, not to greet guests.
  • e03941619
    Hotel is good 3 way foreigners next time stay
  • applesilc
    OK hotel, the surrounding environment is not good, room was good, clean and sanitary, TV are older, room lighting control is a bit complicated, others are good!
  • luoluo1115
    Nice was too thin mattresses and bedding.
  • ananlove
    It's OK
  • littleemma
    Not recommended value for low
  • ltcen
    Well, often, and-----
  • paulami
    Within the environment of the hotel is good, breakfast is very good, breakfast does not match its star, surrounding facilities all sum up to a home.
  • bitwang223
    Facilities, taxi is convenient, breakfast, satisfaction!